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  • Managing Your Poker Bankroll - April 2nd, 2010

    Bankroll management is one of the most important skills you can have as a poker player.  If you’re a winning player, then the worst case situation is if you are broke and out of action – with no bankroll you can’t play, so you can’t earn!  Even the best players in the world go on [...]

  • Playing From Early Position - April 2nd, 2010

    Playing hands from early position in poker is a good way to mix up your play, and that can prevent players getting a read on you and give you an aggressive table image. Keep in mind though, that when playing lower limits especially, this type of play can be very expensive with the low stakes players entering lots of pots so you’ll often have players raising behind you.

  • You gotta know when to hold'em, and know when to fold'em! - April 1st, 2010

    There’s a lot of truth in that line from the old Kenny Rogers song, but backing off a hand can be a hard skill to master!
    Bluffing in online poker can often feel like you are backing away from a fight if your opponent doesn’t seem to want to go away. Even though it’s against your [...]

  • How To Play AK In Tournaments - April 1st, 2010

    Most players understand that “Big Slick” is a strong hand, but it must be rememberd that it’s still a drawing hand. When you do hit the flop you’re guaranteed to have at least top pair and top kicker, but the fact is that you’ll miss the flop twice as often as you hit! One thing’s for sure though, in online poker tourneys whenever somebody in a hand is holding AK you are probably going to either witness or participate in an big pot.