Every Hand's a Winner

Phill Hellmuth Raises with 7-2 Against Mike Matusow’s KK

It’s the worst hand in poker, seven-two offsuit.  But the great thing about poker is that any hand can win!  Phil raises preflop with the seven deuce, and represents a huge hand.  He plays the hand perfectly, and causes Matusow to lay down his kings with a $40,000 raise on the river!

The kings were of course in the lead all the way through the hand, and all Mike had to do was call (or raise) and he would have scooped up a $90,000 pot – but that’s how beautiful the psychology of the game of poker is….

Very entertaining hand to watch – especially Phils smug look and comment of “You think?” right at the end after the comment “I think deuce-seven is great for the game!” ;)

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